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Do you wish to get a professional in the field of a scrum master? If yes, we at Dexterous Webtech are specialized in online scrum master Training certification in Noida. It is a 48 hours course and all about the process theory and principles of the Scrum framework. An aspirant leaner will get familiar with the Scrum Master’s role. This program is a right combination of team-focused exercises and instructions. It also adds up a free entry at the globally approved Scrum Master I certification exam.

What are the things an aspirant will learn?

In the day programs, students will observe why PSM is the progressive course for effectual Scrum Masters and anybody coaching a team toward boosting effectiveness. The course comprises advanced thinking for the leadership of the servant and behavioral transfers. All through the course, leaners are confronted to reflect with the principle of the scrum to better appreciate what to carry out when coming back to the office.

The PSM program is more than simply a set of instructors and slides. In this path, students work on actual cases with more classmates jointly work as a group. The course is prepared for debates and hands-on practices depend upon actual cases.

 Why choose us?

Dexterous Webtech gives the best quality Scrum training, training staff, and certified Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) to instruct them. All the material offered for training is well-trained professionals.

 Course Objectives of Scrum Master Training Certification

    People who need a basic understanding of the framework of the ITIL and how it may be used to boost up the quality of the IT service management inside a company.
    Good understanding of the scrum rules through the empirical base of Scrum

    Work as Scrum Masters for Scrum Teams and stakeholders from a thoroughly considerate of a servant- guidance

    Rightly start with Scrum

    Boost up the usefulness of the Scrum underway

 CSM Certification Course Overview

The CSM certification course is primarily focused on offering an understanding of Scrum methodologies and their execution. It assists you to turn a Certified ScrumMaster, a designation provided by Scrum Alliance to practitioners who have fruitfully finished a CSM course and reveal their understanding after passing up the exam.

 Eligibility required taking admission in the course

The Certified Scrum Master certification training course is just right for the associates of the suitable for Scrum team’s members, Scrum team’s managers, teams transitioning to Scrum, and experts who are attracted in making a career as an expert Scrum Master.

  Pre-requisites of the course

There are no fixed prerequisites for the beginning of the Certified Scrum Master certification course.

 What are the top benefits associated with the course?

Certified Scrum Masters show up the achievement of core Scrum knowledge to employers and are highly valued across different sectors which include special skills. CSM experts get access to the local groups, networks, and resources offered just by the members of the Scrum Alliance.

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