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When we look into the trend of the hottest jobs, project management comes into the top list. It is applicable not in the tech market, but across different sectors. The demand for project managers is growing quickly as compared to the demand for employees in more occupations. Therefore, the people must require being professional in the project management-based roles.

The Best PMP Online Training Noida offered at Dexterous Webtech can assist you in finding satisfying roles in IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and other special sectors. Consider the fact that the salary of PMP certification holders is much higher as compared to the people who don’t have any specific certificate.

Course Objectives :

    Training Program wraps the Syllabus of PMP, associated with PMP Exam mold

    Methodical Knowledge on PMP 6 Process groups and 10 Knowledge spots to quickly pass the exam

    The regular revision in the Classroom, Support with Self Study and Mock Test Assessments to make candidate Exam prepared

    Give an end to end assistance in PMP Exam Application Process

Why Dexterous Webtech?

Worldwide Approved

Our course content is accredited by worldwide bodies and has been separately assessed to make sure a consistent and top-quality training service.

Special Learning Model

The special of techniques methods, classroom training, and online learning is combination learning. All of our courses are suitably designed with a blended learning form to match your needs.

Case Study Approach

Our training programs are planned as per the case studies, problem-focused learning approach to get better a learning experience and support direct use of newly learned skills.

Experienced Trainers

The best thing about the Best PMP training institute in Noida, Dexterous Webtech is that our instructors are highly experienced and certified. They are having years of experience in the subject matter. Even the most professional trainer needs to restore their training delivery skills to make sure for useful learning transfer.

24 X 7 Customer Care

Dexterous Webtech assures to give on time and friendly customer care services to everyone who is looking for it. We pride ourselves on our timely and on-time customer assistance. If you have some questions and queries related to our services and programs, you can write down an email or make a call on the given numbers. We will give you a quick response to your queries.

Money-Back Guarantee

You should make sure about the success of the certification exam. The prime goal of the course is to encouraging self-assessment to support the practised trainer’s delivery skills and assists the trainers to think strategies to handle behaviours that can blow the achievement of the session idea.

Highlights :

    All PMP Formulae

    Exam Preparation Guide

    Tips and Tricks

    24*7 Customer Support

    5 Full-Length Mock Exams (1300 unique questions)

    60 Contact Hours/ PDU® – Approved for PMP® Certification Exam

    14:54:47 hh:mm:ss of Training Videos for all 13 objectives (100% Syllabus Covered)

    Revision notes

    Unlimited Access

    Flash Cards for Every Objective

    Objective-based Practice Tests

    PMP® eBook (Based on PMBOK 6th Edition)

    Exhaustive Explanation with Every Question

    50 Numerical Questions from all Topics of PMP Exam

Course Curriculum

  •     Develop Project Charter
  •     Develop Project Management Plan
  •     Direct and Manage Project Work
  •     Monitor & Control Project Work
  •     Perform Integrated Change Control
  •     Close Project or Phase

  •     Plan Scope Management
  •     Collect Requirements
  •     Define Scope
  •     Create Work Breakdown Structure
  •     Validate Scope
  •     Control Scope

  •     Plan Schedule Management
  •     Define Activities
  •     Sequence Activities
  •     Estimate Activity Resources
  •     Estimate Activity Durations
  •     Develop Schedule
  •     Control Schedule

  •     Plan Cost Management
  •     Estimate Costs
  •     Determine Budget

  •     Plan Quality Management
  •     Perform Quality Assurance
  •     Control Quality

  •     Plan Quality Management
  •     Perform Quality Assurance
  •     Control Quality

  •     Plan Communications Management
  •     Manage Communications

  •     Plan Risk Management
  •     Identify Risks
  •     Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  •     Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  •     Plan Risk Responses
  •     Control Risks

  •     Plan Procurement Management
  •     Conduct Procurements
  •     Control Procurements
  •     Close Procurements

  •     Identify Stakeholders
  •     Plan Stakeholder Management
  •     Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  •     Control Stakeholder Engagement

  •     Responsibility
  •     Respect
  •     Fairness
  •     Honesty

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