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The CompTIA Network+ certification authenticates the knowledge of installing, handling, and troubleshooting networks on various platforms. Dexterous Webtech offers Best Online Comptia Network+ Training that is planned to assist you to learn the prime objectives that are an essential prerequisite to increase the CompTIA Network+ certification. One will get familiar with the use of the advanced networking technologies offered, differentiate between the two kinds of networks and networking protocols, DNS concepts, find out the specification of a VPN and VLAN, executing wireless networks, and additional concepts.

The lab exercises will even provide you with a good experience of working with an operating system, devices, installation, network cables, and configuration. The demand for professional technicians is increasing day by day and more renowned companies which include Dell, HP, Sharp, and Ricoh, are approving the value of accreditations named CompTIA Network+.

What things an aspirant will learn:

  • Get familiar with the special networking concepts which include LAN, WAN, Routing, and Switching working on special platforms
  • Get familiar with the TCP/IP applications and even network
  • Show up the troubleshooting skills related to the issues of the networking
  • Get familiar with virtual networking and OSI model
  • Assist the company to gain the business and trust of the customer by good handling risks and troubles.
  • Get a certification that is accepted by the top companies.
  • Use the certification to open up a new career opening for personal usage.

Let’s discuss the points that will add to the syllabus of the program:

The course at Dexterous Webtech includes OSI and TCP/IP models, Networking protocols, DNS concepts, Troubleshooting, Routing and switching, Virtual network components, Addressing methods and formats, Media and connector types, LAN and WAN technologies, Network topologies, DHCP, SOHO networking, Wiring distribution, Network monitoring, management, and optimization, Network access security and user authentication, Firewall installation, Common threats and vulnerabilities, Wireless security and Security appliances and methods.

Pre-Requisite of the course

  • There are no compulsory pre-requisites associated with Network+ certification.
  • CompTIA A+ certification or 9 months of networking experience are asked.

For how much time the CompTIA network+ certificate remains valid?

The certificate offered by CompTIA Network+ remains valid for three years from the day the result of the examination is declared.

What study materials will you share at the time of the training?

Before starting the course, you will receive Course Notes, Handouts, ebooks, Slides, and lab practice questions that will assist you to gain high practical skills.

So, if you are interested in Best Online Comptia Network+ Training, you can choose an online slot. Our experts are always ready to solve your queries or questions related to CompTIA Network+ Training within the quickest time possible.

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