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Grow Smart, Go Digital !

Today’s global outlook compels us to focus on comparative analysis of products, This has been comfortably made accessible through website developement. A plethora of players exist in the digital market promoting their interests according to the pulse of the market. Thus we are able to see qualitative growth of customer base online in favour of the most efficient and competitive player rather than just the branded ones, changing the basics of age old branding strategy.

Moreover, no longer content exists in confines of your computers, it has crossed that bar to knock you every nano second through notifications in your mobiles. Considering such an expansion, contemplation in terms of your professional certifications seems inevitable. This requires you to understand the key concepts of from diverse angles of both employee and employer using various digital marketing training sessions. For an instance, an investor would like to magnify chances of effective online presence along with the best set of product credentials (content wise) to qualify as a key player whereas any ambitious professional would always aim at improving his/her value in this booming digital marketing industry by gearing themselves up with online marketing certifications.

Limit Learning, Start Strategising…

A digital marketing training enhances your knowledge of improvisation on methods to raise demand of any product by highlighting the features which commonly defines it in the public forum. The point, at which the claims of the entrepreneur meet the understanding of the consumers, optimizes the market potential of a product. In terms of online marketing this is referred to as product going viral.

Here at Dexterous WebTech, the Online Digital Marketing Course gets an interactive dimension through live project exposure breaking the stereotypical classroom simulation. This improves your practical understanding of New Media, enhancing your digital skills. Owning this digital marketing certification also opens your door to a wide range of demand for skilled professionals to face the global challenges of online marketing.

Thus, this online marketing training curriculum helps you to effortlessly create scope for effective brand communication.

So, take this online digital marketing course and help your career to reach the pinnacle!

The Course is Ideal for:

  • Fresh graduates in any Stream
  • Business owners / Marketing Head
  • Web Designers
  • Online Marketers
  • Professionals in their early career
  • Marketing Professionals

Course Index:

  Digital Marketing Overview

  Website Planning and Creation

  Search Engine Optimization

  PPC Advertising

  Google Webmaster

   Google Web Analytics

  Social Media Marketing

   Email Marketing

  Lead Generation

   E-Commerce Marketing

   Mobile Marketing

  Content Marketing

  Affiliate Marketing

  Ad-Sense & Blogging

Course Pre-requisites:

Candidate should have basic idea of popular Search Engine, basic functionalities of Computers and MS office (Excel, Word etc.)


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Date 3rd- February-2018
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